marketing kit

The whole purpose of having a professional provide your media is to use it in your marketing strategy. Once you receive your media you then need to decide what to do with it. Let us take some of the work off your hands and provide you with a marketing kit. We include the marketing kit for free whenever you purchase a photograph item or package.

We included the following items in the kit:

  • Marketing fliers and post cards.
  • Social media graphics.
  • A designated website for your listing which includes the imagery, property details, your contact information, plus more.
  • A QR code to the website that can be included on your marketing material, or on your signs.

This kind of marketing material will help you stand out from your competition and will free up more time for you to focus somewhere else.

Have a look at an example website by clicking the link below.


Post Card

Instagram Reel



Instagram Post

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