cinematic video

Capture the buyer's attention with a short cinematic video highlighting the best features of your listed property. We utilise high end, 4k capable Canon mirrorless cameras, along with a gimbal to achieve that crisp, buttery smooth footage. The video is edited with backing music, titles and graphics and will be ready for you to upload to a listing service and social media channels to assist you in selling the property promptly and at the best possible price.

The cinematic video runs for approximately one minute and includes a brief overview of the property.

For that extra level of professionalism, the personal touch package includes an introduction to the video by the agent as well as a voiceover or agent walkthrough highlighting the standout features of the property. This video generally runs for 2-3 minutes.

If you're running on a smaller budget you can alway consider my walkthrough video. This is shot with a single take walking through the property. It is then edited with speed ramps and a backing track, with the video slowing down at each room to give the viewer an appreciation of the house and each room. When booked with a photo service this video only costs $99 (inc GST).

To round it all out, add drone footage to your video to show off features of the property that can only truly be appreciated from the air, such as the property's size, location or beauty.




cinematic video

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